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Q: Why is your site only dedicated to Extemp?
A: We believed that it was important to start by focusing on Extemporaneous Speaking because we felt that there was not enough resources for high school extempers online.

Q: Where is stuff about Policy debate?
A: Not on this site! We have no intention on expanding into policy debate anytime in the future. If you want to know about policy debate look at hsdebate.com or Cross-x.com.

Q: What about Lincoln Douglas debate?
A: Again we have no plans on expanding into LD either. LDdebate.org and LDdebate.com already do a quality job covering LD and hence it seems a waste of time to basically duplicate something that is already done quite well.

Q: Will your site ever expand beyond extemp (ex. impromptu, student congress, Ted Turner Debate, interps, etc.)?
A: Not yet, but we won't rule out expanding into those areas in the future. Impromptu would likely be the first event to expand into because it is somewhat closely related to Extemp. Other events will likely be added much later if ever. Pfdebate.com while the only website on this event I think does a pretty good job covering Public Forum Debate(formerly Ted Turner Debate).

Q: Why does your site have advertising?
A: Like all websites there is some cost in both time and in money(domain registration or hosting) and hence there is some impetus to attempt to make the site at least pay for itself. A number of high school forensics sites have disappeared over the years and often the monetary cost of keeping the site going has been at least one factor for the webmaster to quit updates and eventually let the domain and hosting lapse. In addition, both Cross-x.com and Lddebate.org were using advertising long before this site existed. Currently we are using generic advertising networks, but we would be more than willing to accept speech specific advertising if someone is interested in promoting an extemp camp on Extempprep.org. Just send an email to the webmaster if you are interested in discussing terms for a advertising deal. If you happen to see any inappropriate advertising go to the contact page and drop us a line.

Q: Can I use your extemp topics for anything?
A: No, because we hold the implied copyright to all work on this site we ask that all commercial uses of the practice extemp topics and any other material receive prior approval from the webmaster.

Q: Can you write extemp topics for our speech tournament?
A: Sure. If you are interested look at our suggested rate sheet or email the webmaster for a quotation if you wish to have overly specific requirements for the topics.

Q: There is some problem on your site. Where should I contact you?
A: If there is some factual problem just contact us. We have received a few emails that have asked us to fix mistakes and we do fix them. If there is a technical problem read the technical faqs to see whether we answer the question.