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bullet 12/19/05: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have also been posted.

bullet 12/12/05: Results have been posted for Princeton, Nova Titan, Longhorn Classic, G.M.U. Patriot Games. Practice extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have also been posted.

bullet 12/05/05: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 11/28/05: Practice extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted for the week.

bullet 11/21/05: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 11/20/05: Apparently, some of the email from the Webmaster to user questions has been bouncing lately. If you send something in the last week I am sorry for the non-response and will attempt to rectify the situation.

bullet 11/15/05: New practice extemp topics [HTML/PDF] are now available.

bullet 11/07/05: An attentive reader sent in the rest of the Blue Key semifinalists over the weekend. The Blue Key results have been updated to reflect this new information. This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have also been posted.

bullet 11/04/05: After finally posting some results for this year the extemp rankings have been updated.

bullet 11/02/05: Belatedly this week's practice [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 10/24/05: This week's practice topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 10/18/05: The link to last week's extemp topics was wrong as many people noted. The links to this week's topics [HTML/PDF] are actually right.

bullet 10/12/05: After a long overdue wait this week's practice extemp topics [HTML/PDF] are available. In addition, updates to the tournament schedule should be coming soon.

bullet 10/04/05: The tournament schedule has been updated along with the new practice extemp topics [HTML/PDF]. If anyone has anything that could be added to the rather short tournament schedule please email it to the webmaster. Thanks.

bullet 09/26/05: This week's set of extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 09/19/05: A new policy briefing on racial preferences [HTML/PDF] and a new set of extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 09/12/05: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] are now available.

bullet 09/10/05: Some our readers have passed along the news that the National Forensic League has established a relief program for those schools affected by Hurricane Katrina. Certainly this is a worthwhile cause worth considering for those with some extra resources that they could spare.

Material and monetary donations should be sent to:

National Forensic League
NFL Hurricane Katrina Relief Program
125 Watson Street, P. O. Box 38
Ripon, WI 54971-0038

bullet 09/05/05: New extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet 08/29/05: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] are now available.

bullet 08/22/05: A review of Bush's Brain and this week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] are now available.

bullet 08/15/05: Extempprep.org unofficially relaunches today. We would like to welcome our numerous first time visitors and a few of our return visitors. This unofficial start of the new high school speech and debate season will mark the third full school year for Extempprep.org serving the community. Our nominally popular extemp topics return to action. Preseason extemp rankings are also available for those interested in the new calendar year. A review of the new DVD instructional video Making the Speech joins our earlier review from last year of Mark Royce's Championship Extemping. Our message board will certainly be offering some interesting if not controversial conversations. This year should offer plenty of new things for our users. The first set of sample extemp topics with 21 topics instead of the normal 7 topics is also now available in HTML and PDF versions. A new forensics wiki should be coming soon as well. Once again welcome to the new season for Extempprep.org.
bullet 08/12/2005: A new review for a instructional DVD Making the Speech is now on available.

bullet 08/07/2005: The tournament schedule for this year has been posted. There isn't much there yet, but more tournaments will be added soon.

bullet 08/03/2005: Extempprep.org will officially relaunch in about two weeks from now.

bullet 07/25/2005: Alberto Gonzalez is going to be on the Newshour with Jim Lehrer tomorrow.

bullet 07/21/2005: The Newshour with Jim Lehrer interviewed Andy Card and Sen. Charles Schumer yesterday about the nomination of Justice John Roberts.

bullet 07/13/2005: Today Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security, is supposed to be on the Newshour with Jim Lehrer.

bullet 07/11/2005: Extempprep.org is changing servers so there may be some downtime over the next few days.

bullet 07/10/2005: A new briefing on racial preferences is now available.

bullet 06/24/2005: The Extemp Links have been updated. Several dead or useless pages were removed.

bullet 06/17/2005: The final extemp rankings reflecting the completion of NFL Nationals from earlier today are now available. To no surprise Kevin Troy finished the year #1 by a long shot by winning NFL Nationals, CFL Nationals, Extemp TOC, and the MBA RR. It is an amazing feat without a doubt. Congrats to Kevin Troy.

bullet 06/13/2005: The extemp rankings have finally been updated to include NCFL results. The year end rankings should be available as soon as the NFL results are available.

bullet 05/28/2005: Some old results for several more states (OR, MO, NY) have been added and a new bit of humor our parody of the California High School Speech Association's website.

bullet 05/23/2005: Sorry about the mistake with the unchanged extemp rankings, but the extemp rankings now have finally been updated to reflect the Extemp TOC results.

bullet 05/18/2005: The extemp rankings have been updated to reflect the Extemp TOC results.

bullet 05/14/2005: Thanks to Kevin Schneider for submitting the Michigan results.

bullet 05/12/2005: More state results are coming in. Daniel Rauch sent us the New Jersey results. The results for Illinois and South Carolina have also been posted.

bullet 05/10/2005: A new briefing on various election reforms has been posted in both html and PDF versions.

bullet 05/08/2005: Thanks to Isaac Freeman for the results for the Oklahoma state tournament. If anyone else has any more state tournaments for which we lack results just email us some results. As far as I know every state tournament should have results at this point.

bullet 05/01/2005: Extemp results for California have been posted. Joyoftournaments has results for the other events.

bullet 04/30/2005: Results for Massachusetts and Minnesota have been posted. The results for the California should hopefully be posted sometime Sunday evening as we shall be at CSUN for the California State Tournament today and tomorrow.

bullet 04/25/2005: This weekend will be the California State Tournament, which will end the season for all but a few elite competitors. Hence this weeks' extemp topics should be the very last for the season. There is also a new interesting briefing on direct democracy. Good luck to all those attending the tournament!

bullet 04/24/2005: If anyone knows of any high school speech associations that I don't know the URL, please send us an email.

bullet 04/23/2005: Results for Idaho state have been posted.

bullet 04/19/2005: Some of the dead links have been eliminated and some of the high school speech links have been updated.

bullet 04/18/2005: New extemp topics for this week are available.

bullet 04/12/2005: Results for the Texas and the South Dakota state tournaments have been posted.

bullet 04/11/2005: This week's extemp topics are now available. Thanks to Austin Siegel, of Spanish River High School in Florida, for pointing out that several errors were made in the extemp rankings. Those errors have now been fixed. Another thanks to Spencer Rockwell for pointing out the results for the Colorado State tournament.

bullet 04/10/2005: The extemp rankings have been updated. If you have any results that we don't have it would be helpful if you could drop us a line. Unless we can get some additional results there won't be any further updates to the rankings until after the Extemp TOC event at Northwestern is held.

bullet 04/09/2005: Results for the following state tournaments have been posted: Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

bullet 04/04/2005: This week's extemp topics have been posted.

bullet 04/03/2005: The UC Berkeley results have finally been posted.

bullet 03/29/2005: New extemp topics have been posted. Victory Briefs has now posted an interview with Kevin Troy, 2003 NFL US Extemporaneous champion and the current leader on the extempprep rankings. Feel free to post any feedback about the interview on their blog.

bullet 03/25/2005: Extempprep launched a blog.

bullet 03/21/2005: A new set of practice topics are now available.

bullet 03/20/2005: The briefing on Social Security has been posted in both html and PDF versions.

bullet 03/15/2005: The topics from this year's Cal Invitational have been posted. It is a bit late but they still may be useful for a late NFL District tournament. In reviewing them you might find a few familiar topics. See my post on the messageboard which details a few that seem to have been copied from extempprep.org.

bullet 03/14/2005: 15 extemp topics have been posted. A briefing on social security reform should be posted later this week.

bullet 03/07/2005: We have written a briefing upon the upcoming Grokster vs. MGM case. In addition this another 15 extemp topics are now on available.

bullet 02/28/2005: This week's Extemp topics have been posted.

bullet02/27/2005: If anyone could email complete results for any of the following tournaments it would be a big help: USC, Bradley, Dowling Catholic, Emory(If it was finished), Isadoore Newman. Results for any other Extemp TOC qualifying tournaments that we don't have results for would be appreciated as well. Rest in Peace Jef Raskin.

bullet 02/26/2005: Guest posting in the Pacific forum has been turned back on. I hope we can play nice this time! If you didn't notice the CHSSA results from last year were belatedly posted in results a few weeks ago.

bullet 02/21/2005: Another 15 Extemp topics have been posted.

bullet 02/14/2005: Extemp topics are now available.

bullet 02/11/2005: Earlier this week Victory Briefs posted an interesting interview with James Hohmann, last year's NFL Nationals US extemp champion.

bullet 02/07/2005: New extemp topics have been posted.

bullet 02/05/2005: The extemp rankings have been updated. Good to see that Kevin Shelley has finally resigned.

bullet 01/31/2005: The extemp topics for this week have been posted.

bullet 01/30/2005: The results from ASU and Pine Crest have been posted. In addition quarters and semis have been added to the James Logan results.

bullet 01/24/2005: Thanks to an interesting week and Iraqi election there is a slightly larger set of extemp topics this week.

bullet 01/17/2005: The long overdue update of the extemp rankings are now posted(MLK included) and this weeks extemp topics are posted.

bullet 01/14/2005: The results have been updated.

bullet 01/10/2005: Extemp topics have been posted for this week.

bullet 01/03/2005: After a long winter break there is a larger number of extemp topics this week.

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