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10 June

former RIAA chief claims lawsuits against users outlive purpose

Huffingtonpost.com: Hilary Rosen: For the Record, for what it's worth

I news that certainly shocked some, the former chief of the RIAA has stated publicly that the current litigation strategy is no longer useful. It is strange in that many RIAA critics have argued that the suits have only caused people to be further disinterested in RIAA music and that users simply want music at a more reasonable cost. Rosen states that: "lawsuits have outlived most of their usefulness and that the record companies need to work harder to implemnt a strategy that legitimizes more p2p sites and expands the download and subscription pool by working harder with the tech community to get devices and music services to work better together." It is too bad that no one thought of that a long time ago or we would have had digital music distribution at a reasonable cost years before iTunes forced the music industry to push digital tracks to be no >99c. While monopolies tend to suppress innovation and the iTunes forced integration with the iPod has limited users from picking the music store and the player that they want to work together, I think in the respect that the large market share by Apple has made Apple a force to reckon. When Apple's iTunes is already in the top 10 amongst all music distributors one can figure that Apple is only going to gain more leverage over prices. The odd reality is that most tech firms, save for Sony aren't really interested in incompatible devices. I care to venture that we would already have one music DRM standard if the music industry wanted there to be one.

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