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23 June

Torrentspy names alleged hacker

News.com: Torrentspy names alleged MPAA hacker

In news that is sure to cause shivers down the backs of the MPAA, it appears that Torrentspy has not only found the identity of the hacker that stole information from their servers, but has convinced him for undisclosed reasons to help them against the MPAA. I think I know the reason for his change of heart. Robert Anderson, the alleged hacker, could face serious criminal charges for computer misuse but since he has information that could be useful to Torrentspy they probably agreed to look the other way if he helped them against the MPAA. The MPAA really wouldn't have anything they could do against Anderson, but they could face charges of conspiracy to commit a crime. Only time will tell whether Torrentspy has sufficient evidence to prosecute the MPAA for a crime that if any average citizen committed would probably see a large fine if not jail time. History though shows us that some how I doubt that the MPAA will face justice even if the evidence is clear enough that the first round goes against them.

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