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28 June

Ward Connerly's Affirmative Action ban may appear on ballot

Newsmax.com: Michigan's Affirmative Action Initiative Boils Over

While Michigan is no stranger to controversy about Affirmative Action in recent years, Ward Connerly's response to his loss in the US Supreme Court three years ago may have an oppurtunity to at least get a symbolic victory by eliminating Affirmative Action by changing state law in Michigan through the intiative process. While it is anyone's guess of how the intiative will ultimately do in November there it seems unlikely that the critics will be able to knock it off of the ballot. Connerly opponents have attempted to use some rather flimsy arguments to derail the intiative. First, they attempted to argue that the intiative would conflict with the Supreme Court, which is such a vacuous form of thinking that you don't have to have a JD in constitutional law to see that such an argument is flimsy in that the court simply stated that racial preferences were allowed in some circumstances, not that they were a court mandated requirement. A more promising, but questionable argument is that the circulators misled signers of the petition by saying that it protected Affirmative Action. While I have seen petition circulators deceive prospective signers, I can't imagine that such a tactic would be too effective in that anyone who reads a few lines of the description would find that it conflicted with what they were being told they were signing. Ultimately, I doubt that such a strategy will work in that one would likely have to demonstrate massive fraud to put the qualification of the intiative into question. Considering that it has been a decade since CA's Proposition 209, I think it is overdue for another major state to consider the issue.

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