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26 September

Google turns 8

The popular search engine Google is touting the 8th year of their operation this year on their homepage indicating that all of the popular criticism of Google seems to have fallen flat with reality: Google doesn't face any threats in the near future. Google's advertising seems to be everywhere. Millions if not Billions of webpages have Google ads on them. Therefore Google's revenue stream is not nearly as vulnerable to attack from downturns in their search engine market share as it was 3 years ago. That being said Google's market share in the search engine market doesn't seem to be falling. Virtually every news story about search engine market share has shown that save for Yahoo all of Google's competitors are now in single digits in market share. I have even seen brand new buildings with the Google logo on them. Combine that with the increasing apathy over Windows Vista and I am a bit suspect that all of the hype that Microsoft will crush Google with Vista's tight integration of MSN are a bit foolhardy. Windows XP while not perfect has proven to be rather dependable for most customers otherwise more customers would have defected to Macs or Linux by now. Sure there were some stories that Apple has near 20% market share in laptops, but that is largely cancelled out by their weaker numbers in the desktop market. Therefore the loses from Windows to the Mac aren't causing Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer nightmares. Only time will tell how much further Google will go to defining our lives.

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