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04 March

Bill Gates sells Microsoft stock

Marketwatch: Gates sells more Microsoft stock, filings show

It appears that Bill Gates is slowly selling off some of his stock. 20 million shares hardly is a fortune for him, but it does seem as though somebody thought this was newsworthy. Gates still owns close to a billion shares so I would hardly think that this is a big sign that Gates believes that his company's fortunes are on a long term decline. That being said there isn't a lot of evidence that people have seen a lot of wow out of Windows Vista. Sales of Vista are anemic compared to when XP launched. I think that Gates realizes that unless the current trend continues Microsoft stock could tumble. Both Windows and Office are virtually the only divisions of the company that make profits. All of the other divisions are largely only successful at marketing the Microsoft name more than anything else. If Apple's MacOS or Linux ever make large inroads we could be talking about Microsoft in the same vein as IBM's PC business.

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