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2005 Oregon State Tournament Results

April 21-April 23, at Linfield College in McMinnville.

4A School Sweepstakes : 1. Ashland ; 2. Wilson (Portland); 3. Marshfield
(Coos Bay); 4. Summit (Bend); 5. (Three-way tie) Barlow (Gresham),
Westview (Portland) and Tualatin.

3A/2A/1A School Sweepstakes : 1. Bandon; 2. North Valley (Grants Pass); 3.
Siuslaw (Florence); 4. (Tie) Butte Falls and North Bend.

After Dinner Speaking : 1. Hannah Hickman, Wilson (Portland); 2. Claire
Michel, Clackamas; 3. Brandon Wolf, Canby

Dual Interpretation : 1. Brandon Wolf and Mark Polendy, Canby; 2. Meghann
Townsend and Whitney Wilson, Marshfield (Coos Bay); 3. Alex Boyd and Gavin
Douglas, Summit (Bend).

Expository Speaking : 1. Joseph Kibe, Wilson (Portland); 2. Jessica
Medina, Madison (Portland); 3. Lauren Teegarden, Lakeridge (Lake Oswego).

Extemporaneous Speaking : 1. Brad Green, Summit (Bend); 2. John Tan,
Westview (Portland); 3. Daril Vilhena, Siuslaw ( Florence).

Impromptu Speaking : 1. Tracy Shoemaker, Mountain View (Bend); 2. Chris
Hatten, Tualatin; 3. Jacob Minne, Corvallis.

Memorized Humorous Interpretation : 1. Mitch Drinkwater, Hermiston; 2.
Jonathan Kadish, Wilson (Portland); 3. Melody Carlisle, Butte Falls.

Memorized Serious Interpretation : 1. Mark Sanderlin, McMinnville; 2. Tim
Eckley, Marshfield (Coos Bay); 3. Jesse Neel, Bandon.

Oratory Speaking : 1. Morgan Padgett, Mountain View (Bend); 2. Chris
Hogan, Marshfield (Coos Bay); 3. Ian Rocker, Wilson (Portland).

Poetry Reading : 1. Mina Shahin, Ashland; 2. Mauri Powell, Bandon; 3. Kyle
Shepherd, Siuslaw (Florence).

Prose Reading : 1.Gavin Douglas, Summit (Bend); 2. Drew Truhune, Roseburg;
3. Keith Brown, Lincoln (Portland).

Radio Commentary : 1. Jade Olson, Century (Hillsboro); 2. Bill Oram,
Nestucca (Cloverdale); 3. Zyme Burria, North Bend.

Student Congress : 1. Morgan St. Jean, Clackamas; 2. David Liskey, North
Valley (Grants Pass); 3. Caleb Owen, South Albany; Outstanding Chair -
David Liskey, North Valley (Grants Pass).

Lincoln-Douglas Policy Debate : 1. Michael Belcher, South Eugene; 2.
Nichelle Klosterboer, South Eugene; 3. (Tie) Jacob Minne, Corvallis; 3
(Tie) Kyle Lachmund, Ashland.

Lincoln-Douglas Values Debate : 1. Bert Ma, Lakeridge (Lake Oswego); 2.
Scott Devoid, Lakeridge (Lake Oswego) ; 3. (Tie) Chris Driscoll, Glencoe
(Hillsboro); 3. (Tie) Erin Miller, Marshfield(Coos Bay).

Public Debate : 1. Jonathan Kadish and Ian Rocker, Wilson (Portland); 2.
David Kubota and Josh Gietzen, Forest Grove; 3. (Tie) J.R. Spicer and
Taylor Moore, Glencoe (Hillsboro); 3. (Tie) Arran Fobres and Brad Green,
Summit (Bend).

Oregon Style Cross-Examination Debate : 1. Alex Goodell and Brent
Hamilton, Tualatin; 2. Hailey Sheldon and Scott Goodman, Marshfield (Coos
Bay); 3. (Tie) Ian Lowrie and Philip Shilts, Ashland; 3. (Tie) Aaron Wells
and Richard Murphy, South Eugene.