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Policy Briefings


Grokster vs. MGM [PDF] A briefing that summarizes the issue of the case and some of the major amicus briefs submitted to the case heard before the Supreme Court of the United States on May 29, 2005.

Proposed Social Security Reforms [PDF] A brief summary of Social Security program and the future financial problems the problem might face. After the summary there is a summary of various proposed reforms to Social Security and the advantages and disadvantaes of those proposals.

The Initiative, Referendum, and Recall: Direct Democracy [PDF] A brief summary of the history, criticisms, and some issues of petition collecting in the United States.

Possible voting reforms in the United States [PDF] An examination of the various possible changes to the Electoral College and the voting method by election winners are determined.

Racial Preferences and the debate over "Affirmative Action" [PDF] A history of the legal and political controversy over racial preferences in the United States.