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Extemp related books:

Championship Extemping by Mark Royce An interesting look at Extemp from the runner-up in International Extemp at the 2002 NFL Nationals.

Educational DVDs:

Making the Speech An entertaining, but informative introduction to public speaking for the absolute novice.

General Books:

A Republic, Not an Empire by Patrick Buchanan A look at American history from the paleo-conservative perspective.

The Language Police by Diane Ravitch An examination of how the political left and right have changed books used in public schools in the United States.

Jefferson's Children by Leon Botstein A look at America's education system from the President of Bard College.

The Right Man by David Frum A biography on the first year in the George W. Bush administration from a Bush speech writer.

Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove made George W. Bush Presidential by James C. Moore and Wayne Slater