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Extempprep.org was started in May 2003. Before Extempprep.org there were countless sites on the web related to high school forensics that would come and go, but most weren't all that impressive and frequently quickly became outdated or went offline. We had previously attempted to purchase three different forensics sites which died, but either the owners of the domain were unwilling to sell their domain names or asked very high prices. There have always been a few quality sites dedicated to Lincoln Douglas and policy(CX) debate, but when this site started there really hadn't been any good sites dedicated to extemp in years. Therefore, Extempprep.org was born.


Unlike other previous extemp related sites we planned from the very start to be different. Unlike some other sites we don't steal articles from other sites. We believe that intellectual property ought to be defended, because we don't believe that anyone's content should be used without proper permission. Hence we would not serve the community morally or practically to copy somebody else's content verbatim without their permission. This not only clutters the web with the same articles, but it's plagiarism. Unlike some sites we don't spend time creating fancy, slow loading sites that don't really provide any useful information. Here at extempprep.org you wouldn't be seeing the web layout of the week. Also our site is dedicated towards extemp, hence we aren't trying to be all things to all people, but rather fulfill our mission. We also want to bring a true community aspect to the site. Hence, this site is open towards individuals with any ideas for an extemp article, tutorial, extemp topics or anything related to extemp. Provided it meets some basic minimum standards of writing we will post your article.  Extempers of all levels are welcome to submit content. We want extempprep.org to be a site created by the extemp community for the community.


If you have any suggestions for helping us lay claim to the best extemp site on the internet please drop us a line. Thanks once again.