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bullet11/22/2006: After an extended hiatus, Extempprep.org updates are returning. Results for this year are finally trickling in, sample extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted, and other changes should be coming soon.

bullet10/27/2006: Sample extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet10/18/2006: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet10/06/2006: Belatedly this week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] are now available.

bullet9/28/2006: We have posted this week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] .

bullet9/19/2006: The week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.

bullet9/13/2006: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] appear belately.

bullet9/07/2006: After a long labor day weekend this week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] finally appear and the remainder of the high schools across the country finally return from summer.

bullet8/28/2006: This week's extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted. 

bullet8/22/2006: The new tournament schedule was actually added this time and several tournaments were added. 

bullet8/21/2006: Today officially starts a new competition year for Extempprep.org.  We welcome both our return vistors and our new visitors to what will be our fourth complete season online.  The new tournament schedule and the the first extemp topics [HTML/PDF] have been posted.  We have also began to clean up the outdated links and the messageboard.  In addition, we will attempt to add some additional moderators for the messageboard to bring more order to the chaotic nature of the board.  If anyone emailed us recently and didn't receive a reply you may want to resend it as I noticed some sporadic issues with the email.  More updates are coming soon.
Archived News

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