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National Catholic Forensic League - Bylaws, manuals, finalists, bid information, background info.
National Forensic League - Latest information on chapter strength, and coaching and student points totals. I actually liked the old version a little better. The inconsistency between the database and the rest of the site is strange.

State Speech Associations

The URL for the organization is listed when known. If you know of any unlisted organizations contact us.

Alabama -Unknown. There doesn't seem to be a state non-athletic activities association or any obvious speech/debate association.
Alaska School Activities Association: Drama, Debate, and Forensics - Part of state activities association. Some entry forms and some results, but pretty disappointing otherwise compared to states with independent speech/debate associations.
Arizona Interscholastic Association: Speech/Debate - Part of state interscholastic association. All of the typical stuff: a rule book, ballots, tab sheets, registration forms, invoice forms, and protest forms.
Arkansas - Unknown. State Activities Association has a page on speech and debate with some archived extemp topics, but nothing else.
California High School Speech Association - I must say that California's website seems rather bland and surprisingly weak. It is sometimes updated, but often is not updated. Other than the constitution, the board minutes, and occasionally information on the state tournament the site is rarely updated.
Colorado High School Activities Association (canonical URL) Part of the state activities association. This page is a framed page and hence, I don't bother linking to the framed page. There is some information and results, but frames are generally a bad way of organization.
Connecticut - Unknown. There are virtually no schools from CT in the NFL Database. Perhaps such an organization doesn't exist.
Delaware - Unknown
Florida Forensic League - The page isn't too fancy but they do seem to have a good tournament calendar and they have at least some results for local tournaments.
Georgia - The state activities association claims to sponsor the state championships, but no other information.
Hawaii Speech League - Tournament results, schedule, event descriptions, list of board members, sample ballots, and a discussion form that it appears nobody uses. Appears to use a corny Frontpage template.
Idaho High School Activities Association: Speech/Debate Part of state activities association. Some forms, rules, and some results. It is good to see that the documents in MS Word are also available in PDF format as well.
Illinois High School Association Debate - Part of state activities association. Some form, calendar, and results.
Illinois High School Association Individual Events - Part of state activities association. Again some forms, results, judge lists, and state qualifier information.
Indiana High School Forensics Association - Manuals, constitution, results, newsletter, rules, and congress bills.
Iowa High School Speech Association - Constitution, by-Laws, judge information, contest statistics, weather information, and contest forms. This inconsistent UI combined with amateur web design makes this feel like one of the more visually distracting websites, despite the site having some redeeming information.
Kansas Debate - Part of state activities association. Results, and state qualifier information.
Kansas Speech - Part of state activities association. Forms, results, and history.
Kentucky Educational Speech and Drama Association - History, fees, rules, event descriptions, and results.
Kentucky High School Speech League - Handbook, results, tournament invitations, directory, and tournament schedule.
Louisiana High School Speech League - Ballots, manuals, forms, news, meeting minutes, and tournament schedule. The webdesign isn't fancy, but not annoying either. Except for some dead external links most of the resources seem good.
Maine Forensic Association Student Congress - Appears to be an unofficial or very bad official page that offers a outdated schedule and perhaps an outdated manual. It seems the Maine Forensic Association has something to do with the Maine Principals' Association, but they don't seem to much info on the organization either.
Maryland - Unknown
Massachusetts Forensics League - News, ballots, invitations and contact information.
Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association - Ballots, judge philosophy database, scholarship information, by-laws, results, news, calendar, members database, and store.
Minnesota Debate Teachers Association - News, history, constitution, by-laws, forms, tournament schedule, and contact information.
Mississippi High School Activities Association: Speech and Debate Part of state activities association. Some results, a calendar, and an awful contrasting background that doesn't match the rest of the site.
Missouri - Unknown
Montana Forensic Educators Association - History, tournament schedule, tournament results, constitution, news, discussion board, and related links.
Nebraska Debate - Manual, entry forms, results, and state tournament results.
Nebraska Speech - Ballots, state tournament schedule, rules, and results.
Nevada Forensic League - website unknown
New Hampshire - Unknown
New Jersey Forensic League - Tournament Schedule, registration forms, a Yahoo Group that nobody uses, and a mailing list for schools in the league. Has the cookie cutter feel of a template.
New Mexico Activities Association - Some general information on the state association site, but no results or anything else.
New York State Forensic League - Ballots, results, congress bills, contact information, and state tournament information.
North Dakota Debate - Tournament results, debate test, and topics.
North Dakota Speech - State tournament results, speech judge test, rule book, state qualifiers, tournament calendar, list of speech regions. The test on their site seems to be on of the more challenging "judging certifications" in the country.
Ohio - Somewhat of a cookie cutter feel, but provides at least some information.
Oklahoma Speech - Forms, handbook, and rules.
Oregon High School Speech League Coaches Association
Oregon Speech - Rulebook, state tournament schedule, results, ballots, and forms.
Pennsylvania High School Speech League - Results, ballots, Constitution, bylaws, news, forms, member school list, and contact information.
Rhode Island - ?
South Carolina Speech and Debate - Offers tournament results, forms, coaches directory, links, and newsletter. It is a good site, except there are no results for their own state tournament!
South Dakota Speech - Part of state activities association. Calendar, rules, handbook, and results. It is bland looking, but it is straight forward.
Tarheel Forensics League - North Carolina. News, results, state tournament information, tournament invitations, constitution, and rules. The site design feels a bit amateurish, but there is ample information that is useful.
Tennessee - Unknown
Texas Forensic Association - News, tournament calendar, ballots, constitution, by-laws, results, and history. Looks exactly like Joy of Tournaments, which isn't surprising since they both have the same webmaster. Otherwise it looks good.
Utah High School Activities Association: Forensics - Some rules and some old results. I find some of rules for this organization somewhat dictatorial though.
Vermont Principals' Association: Debate/Forensics - Some old contact information, but little other value.
Vermont Debate and Forensics League - Feels very dated. 'News' dates from fall 2004 and lists some officers and coaches contacts which are probably outdated by now.
Virginia High School League: Forensics - State results back to '97 and some manuals and other information.
Washington Interscholastic Activities Association: Forensics Part of state interscholastic association. Other from results not much here.
West Virginia - Unknown
Wisconsin Debate Coaches' Association - Calendar, forums, history, forms, ballots, by-laws, and constitution.
Wisconsin Forensic Coaches' Association - Coaching and tournament information, research resources within Wisconsin, and links to several forensics related sites.
Wisconsin High School Forensic Association - Event descriptions, rules, forms, and contact information.
Wyoming Forensics Association - Meeting minutes, some contact information, state tournament results, and rather stale links. Graphics are simple, but pleasing. Good overall site.